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Online Commissioning Training From the Comfort Of Your Home (Or Work Place)

Check out below what’s included in the online commissioning training

The 9 Key Elements Of Successful Plant Commissioning

Planning, mechanical completion, P&ID checking, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, initial operation, performance testing, post commissioning

Commissioning & Safety

Safety – the most important thing when you commission an industrial plant. This training you will remember for your whole life – guaranteed.

Basics of Project Scheduling

Understand commissioning network plans, the critical path method and GANTT charts

Proven Project Management Practices

Learn from Thomas Stuenkel’s 20+ years experience in pre-commissioning, commissioning & start-up.

Commissioning Strategies, Tactics & Task Tools

Get the “big picture” on how to commission a plant and in-depth knowledge on equipment level as well.

Commissioning Case Studies

Extend your commissioning knowledge through theoretical & real world commissioning case studies.


Punchlisting session with donwloadable Excel forms.

Definition of “Commissioning”

What is commissioning, post commissioning or de-commissioning? You will get a an explanations of all commissioning related terms.

Job Description of Commissioning Manager

You will get an example job description of the commissioning manager position.

Commissioning Checklists

Agitators, blowers, columns, drums, fans, filters, heaters, pumps, reactors, tanks, turbines and more.

Commissioning Procedures

For example: Air blowing procedure, water flushing procedure, acid cleaning procedure and cooling water passivation procedure.

Communication, Motivation & Leadership

Do you know the difference between a manager and a leader? Do you know the surprising truth about what motivates us? We will answer these questions and many more.

Commissioning Guidelines for Specific Equipment

Machinery & rotating equipment, towers & columns, pressure vessels & heat exchangers, fired heaters & boilers.

Pre-Commissioning Manual

A complete pre-commissioning manual in Word format which you can use as a draft for developing your own specific manual.

Commissioning System & Sub-System Breakdown and System Prioritization

You will learn how to divide an entire industrial plant into logical sub-systems and how to set the priorities for a safe and fast commissioning & start-up.

Instrumentation & Electrical Commissioning

Instrumentation & Electrical commissioning training sessions will be available end of 2016.

Organizational Chart of Commissioning Team

You will get example organizational charts for your entire commissioning team.

Job Descriptions of Commissioning Team Members

Example job descriptions for process commissioning engineers, rotating commissioning engineers, instrumentation commissioning engineers & electrical commissioning engineers.

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Participate at the online commissioning training on any device – anytime

PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone …
You can access the online commissioning training from any device at any time. You just need an internet connection.

All commissioning checklists, commissioning procedures and commissioning manuals you can download to your own computer or device.

The online commissioning training content gets updates on an ongoing basis – with no extra costs.

Online Commissioning Training - Complete content downloadable!

Online Commissioning Training & Charity

Online Commissioning Training & Charity

charity: water
5 % of the commissioning training fee will be donated to charity: water to help to make this world a better place.

charity: water is a non-profit organization on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet.

In 2014 Commissioning Coaching Consulting, Inc. donated USD 6,000 to charity: water. It has been used to sponsor an entire water project in Tigray, Ethiopia.

Let’s continue this great success in 2016!

Book Your “Advanced” Seat Now!

These days are difficult on oil & gas industry and there is no trainings budget at all, that’s why I paid this amount from my own pocket because I want to enhance my knowledge in this area and I thought Thomas Stuenkel is the most experienced and suitable person for this.

Khalid SaleemTeam Leader, Projects & Engineering, Development BU, Romania

I welcomed the training in order to learn from a mentor who should show me the best way to grow as a commissioning manager for the oil & gas / power plant sector. Despite my 19 years of experience in these sectors – especially in commissioning – I lost a lot along my way so that I have restrained myself (with personal success) to urgent commissioning works only, but the overall quality of the work and the quality of the professional workers is not the same as they used to be. Now it’s time to grow seriously and create a stable position for me (I’ m working as a freelancer) in term of dedication in order to be able to apply all my knowledge in a more professional and up-to-date manner.

Salvatore MeloniCommissioning Shift Supervisor, Italy

Hi Thomas,
Below are the reasons for taking up online commissioning training:
1. With online content, I can access training from anywhere. I can do it at my free time.
2. Since you have enormous experience in commissioning – and thats the area I want to pursue my career – I have enrolled for the training .

Indrajith BhadravathiFPSO Package Engineer / Commissioning Engineer, Singapore

This is finally an opportunity for me to participate and certify myself in the training.

Prince BoatengMaintenance Work Preparator E&I, Netherlands

I enrolled in the online course because it is always good to keep up with developments to convert commissioning into a systematic engineering discipline and not just an exercise to run equipment. The process of commissioning is more and more a rigorous validation process due to detailed specifications. Updating and refreshing skills is an important think for every commissioning engineer.

Michael MaggiCommissioning Manager, USA

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

When is the online commissioning training available?

The online commissioning training is available as of August 17, 2015.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, if you purchased the “VIP” or “VIP+” membership you will get a certificate about the successful participation at the online commissioning training. In order to get it you have to do a final examination test in writing and a 30 minutes Skype call with Thomas Stuenkel.

Will I get an original certificate in paper form?

Yes, you will get a certificate in paper form with stamp and signature. It will be shipped worldwide. The fee is already included in your course price.

How long does the final examination Skype call take?

The final examination via Skype will take about 30 minutes.

How many questions do I have to answer from the final examination test in writing?

The final examination test document consists of 37 questions. You fill it in, scan it and send it by email to Thomas Stuenkel for verification before the Skype call.

Is the content of the online commissioning training the same like the content at the five days live commissioning training?

Yes, the content of the online commissioning training is the same like the content of the five days live training. The only difference is that we can not do the group exercises like in the live training sessions.
The content of the online commissioning training will be even more over time because of the yearly updates. This big amount of content would not fit into a five days live training session.

I have the “Chemical & Process Plant Commissioning Handbook” by Martin Killcross. Just want to know what additional benefits I can get with your training program?

Additional benefits when joining the online commissioning training are:
1) You will get checklists and procedures in Word & Excel format which you can use as drafts for your projects.
2) You will get a complete pre-commissioning manual in Word format as well.
3) You can download a .mp3 version of my videos and hear it on the go on your smart phone.
4) On an ongoing basis I add new content to the membership area.
5) There are other members who you can interact with – by comments at each training module or through our forum within the membership area.
6) You will get discounts on future information products which I will produce.
7) You will get a paper certificate about your successful participation at the online commissioning course shipped to you (VIP and VIP+).

How long does the course normally take (or when will be the Skype examination)? Is there a step by step procedure or you’ll put all the course materials at once and we need to study based on our own plan?

The course content has been adapted from my five days live commissioning training. So it’s about 30 to 40 hours to go through the material. You will have access to ALL of the course material at once. So you can choose your own pace and style for studying. When you feel you are ready we schedule the Skype examination.

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